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Siesta massage was founded with a passion to help others feel better. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care possible and believe that when people feel their best, they can enjoy life to the fullest.

We offer a wide range of massage modalities from Therapeutic Massage, Ashiatsu, Pre & Postnatal Massage, Yoga Nidra, Retreats and so much more!

Serving The Antigonish Area for Over 5 Years

At Siesta Massage and Wellness we offer the ultimate massage experience. Our massage sessions are specifically designed to balance your body, mind, and soul, which make it the perfect escape from the daily demands of a stressful life. 

Registered Massage Therapists at Siesta Massage & Wellness

Karen Perro and Allie Stewart are Massage Therapists in Nova Scotia, each with specializations to help you on your journey towards holistic wellbeing. Karen is certified in Thai Massage, Gusha, Cupping, Ashiatsu, Yoga Nidra & Yogassage while Allie offers expertise within pre-natal massage therapy. Rest assured knowing that we direct bill for Bluecross, Manulife or CanadaLife services; so do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested!

We Specialize in Relaxation

At Siesta Massage and Wellness, relaxation is our ultimate goal. Through regular massage therapy treatments, we aim to bring about positive changes in your body that promote relaxation, balance and wellbeing.

Relaxing the mind and body can result in improved stress levels, posture, sleep patterns and other physical benefits, so be sure to contact us at Siesta Massage and Wellness today for the perfect relaxation experience today!

Our Services

Our Services

We are committed to your health and well-being at Siesta Massage & Wellness. A healthier lifestyle can be maintained by regular massage therapy treatments.


Ashiatsu is a Japanese term consisting of "Ashi" (foot) and "atsu" (pressure). This method is referred to as Barefoot massage. A Ashiatsu Massage provides deep compression without pain. During the massage I utilize my feet to provide a therapeutic, relaxing massage. The lengthy, flowing strokes with the feet allow us to delve deeper into the muscle than the hands can.

Cupping Antigonish


Cupping includes the use of small cups that, when put against the skin, create a slight vacuum. Cupping is a unique treatment that helps to relax muscles, break up adhesions, and increase blood flow to the affected area. During cupping, tight, painful muscles are released, promoting healing and relaxation of muscle fibers.

pre and post natal massage

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Our pregnancy massage combines remedial massage, shiatsu, and acupressure techniques. Pre and post-natal massages can safely, gently, and efficiently alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts. Our massage therapist at Siesta Massage & Wellness have vast experience in pre and post-natal massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Clinical Therapeutic Massage is a specialized form of massage therapy that targets specific areas of concern using Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Deep-tissue massage, unlike other massages, does not employ aromatherapy or hot stones. And instead of focusing on overall body relaxation, it targets specific pain points.

yogassage Antigonish

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra commonly referred to as "yogic sleep" or "effortless relaxation," is a type of guided meditation. The practice of Yoga Nidra effortlessly induces a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Here, we can be healed, repaired, and awakened to our most profound, all-knowing, all-welcoming selves. Yoga Nidra can aid in improving sleep, physical health, and even the treatment of chronic pain.

yogassage Antigonish


The combination of yoga and massage is known as yogassage. Yoga is a practice that integrates the mind and body. Massage is the scientific and mechanical manipulation of muscle or soft tissue. Combining both encourages relaxation, cleansing, flexibility, strengthening and toning of muscles, self-awareness, and a healthy lifestyle. It's no surprise that massage and yoga complement one another so effectively.


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Our environment has been intensionally crafted to allow you to relax and enjoy your massage. A serene and peaceful place in which to fully reset your body and mind.

Massage Techniques

We are proud of our expertise. We are registered massage therapists who are thoroughly educated to ensure you get the best personalized treatment possible.

Customer Service

You are our valued customer. You will receive our undivided attention from the moment you walk through the door to the end of your massage.

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Deep relaxation and a sense of calmness are two of the primary benefits of massage. This is because massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) responsible for producing sensations of well-being. In addition, the levels of stress hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine are decreased during and after massage. According to studies, elevated amounts of stress hormones weaken the immune system. Physical benefits of massage therapy include improved blood circulation, reduced muscle tension, relaxation, increased mobility and flexibility, improved skin tone, and many more.

Your massage therapist should require a health history form. In addition, they may ask additional in-depth questions to determine which areas you want to be highlighted or if certain issues need to be addressed. It is essential to disclose all health concerns and medications so that your therapist can tailor the session to your individual requirements without causing you harm.

For the most part, it relies on your discomfort, physical demands, emotional needs, and, of course, finances because individual preferences vary. Receiving a massage on a weekly or monthly basis provides the greatest benefits.

No! Our therapists will simply request that you remove as much clothing as is comfortable for you. If you only wish to remove your underwear, you may do so. The therapist will leave the room while you undress and give towels and blankets to cover you during the massage.

We offer a wide range of massage therapy from ashiatsu, pre & postnatal massage, clinical massage, retreats and so much more!

Karen Perro RMT

Certified Ashiatsu Therapist

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