Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is sleep with a trace of awareness, it takes you through all the sleep stages of the brain and beyond to a place called Turiya; Bliss body, zero thoughts. One 30-45min session equals 3hrs of sleep. Yoga Nidra is a Goddness, she is the unconditional mother, she lives inside you.

In Daring to Rest:
We Rest: physical exhaustion

We Release: emotional & mental exhaustion

We Rise: dream & ignite life purposes

All you have to do is lie down & listen.  Yoga Nidra is a secret door to liberation!

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Siesta Rest Mini Series (Yoga Nidra)

What is Rest? I’m going to show you through my Siesta Rest Mini Series some of the bits & pieces of my style of Yoga Nidra. I’m taking you on a Daring to Rest Facilitated Journey! In December 2022, each week I released a video of a quick lesson from some of the components of a Nidra. Then on Winter Solstice I released a special Daring to Rest Nidra that I wrote for my certification process, it’s called Resting your Chakras. I’m very passionate to share this rest medicine with y’all.


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